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punkfaerie4242's Journal

15 May 1982
My page of stuffs I like is below:


This Is For Keeps - The Spill Canvas

An awesome animated mood theme *below*

The quixotic sheep
yearns for freedom!!</br>Help him be a part of LJ!

*blame nonnas for this!*

Another awesome animated mood theme *below*


I like .....

Anime: angel sanctuary, bleach, blood +, gun slinger girl, hellsing, mai hime, mai otome, green green, princess tutu, special a, vampire knight, black blood brothers, r.o.d, revolutionary girl utena, etc...

Movies: newsies, queen of the damned, supergirl, superman, the company, the explorers, x-files: fight the future, cinderella, the cutting edge, ever after, 50 first dates, peter pan, donnie darko, farscape: the peackeeper wars, sweeney todd, nightmare before christmas, the corpse bride, foxfire, loving anabelle, the emperor's new groove, etc...

TV: nip tuck, charmed, daria, farscape, firefly, x-files, supernatural, man vs. wild, reba, scrubs, ugly betty, grey's anatomy, samantha who, stargate sg-1, stargate atlantis, journey man, out of this world, are you afraid of the dark?, my so-called life, kyle xy, etc...

Music: blink 182, dresden dolls, midnight hour, nsync, britney spears, justin timberlake, sara bareilles, josh groban, john mayer, etc...

Miscellaneous: computers, drawing, eating yummy food, movies, music, painting, reading anne rice novels, sleeping, tigers, etc...

Pets I'd like to maybe own: 2 kittens, a dalamation, siberian husky

Places I'd like to go see: italy, las vegas (again), london, africa, greece, mexico, etc...

Computer games: maplestory

Being social: camping, going for walks with a friend, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, meeting people, seeing live theatre plays/musicals, shopping, apparently drinking starbucks coffee(s)/or drinking smoothies and chatting with friends over a cup of coffee/smoothie is normally seen as being "social", staying up late, etc...